young photoAbout the Artist

Judith Metzger is an anomaly. She’s a Gemini, which means there is always more of her than meets the eye. She’s an artist who sometimes visits the left hemisphere of her brain as a mathematician. So, in her own words, let’s hear from the incomparable Judith Metzger.
I paint from my soul even if I don’t know what my soul is. I’m passionate about many things especially Beethoven and lightening storms. My style varies because I don’t believe that one style can convey every feeling that strikes me as I paint. Art should, at its most basic level, illicit emotion or transport the viewer, and never just be something acquired to fill a space.
But my art is not always literal. I express strong emotion and simply let my thoughts take control. What comes from this is often very powerful. I think that sometimes people are overwhelmed by the rawness of my work. To say that I struggle as an artist is an understatement. I loathe art that is obviously been stamped out cookie cutter fashion that never grows or evolves, or moves outside the mold. I think it is the fight that gives life to art.
My inspirations come in many different forms. I am inspired by nature, by watching people, by poetry and of course other artists -especially late 19th century Victorian painters and book illustrators.

Chrissie Hynde summed it up best: Never paint your masterpiece under artificial light. And that, folks, is just the tip of the giant,Titanic-sinking iceberg that is Judith Metzger.